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Bristol Nutritionist | Pregnancy Nutritionist | Baby Weaning & Child Nutritionist

How I help women and new mums

  • Are you nervous about what foods to eat in pregnancy?

  • Do you worry about which foods you should avoid?

  • Have you felt pressure around weight gain?

  • Are you confused about which supplements to take?

Pregnant Woman in Underwear
  • Thinking about baby-led weaning but worried about choking?

  • Are you getting suggestions to start weaning at 4 months?

  • Does everyone have an opinion on what foods you should give?

  • Do you need someone to simplify  what to do and when?

Image by Colin Maynard
  • Are you concerned your child isn't eating enough? 

  • Are mealtimes stressful?

  • Is your toddler throwing food and refusing to eat?  

  • Do you want to have enjoyable family mealtimes together?

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I help busy mums feel good about feeding themselves and their babies

I'm Katie, a Bristol nutritionist and mum. I help mums-to-be and new mums sort through the overwhelming amount of advice and opinion to gain control over their food choices, and how they feed their babies. 

Are you pregnant and feeling unstuck by the loss of control over what you should or shouldn't eat to keep your baby safe and healthy? 

Maybe you're a new mum and feeling a little lost in your new role, wanting to bounce-back to your old self, but not sure how to get there?

Having recently been through the weaning period with my son, I understand the realities of putting nutrition theory into practice - it's not easy!

If you are looking to create a healthy relationship with food, for you and your little one, that's where I come in!

Bristol Nutritionist Baby Led Weaning Pregnancy Nutritionist Katie Angotti Baby Nutritionist

Here for my online weaning workshop 'First Tastes: Starting Solids'? 

Mother and a Child

Katie helped me hugely when I was thinking about weaning my second baby - trying to do this alongside feeding a fussy toddler is hard! Katie's support and advice really helped me to feel secure in the food, vitamins and milk choices we made...I would have been lost without her!


Alex, mum of two

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