I help busy parents and their babies go from starting weaning to happily enjoying 3 meals a day

Are you a new parent looking to start introducing solids to your baby or wondering how to do baby-led weaning? 

As a child nutritionist, I help parents like you feel confident and excited about giving food to their baby, by building a baby weaning plan that works for them. 

Maybe you'd like to be having family meals together at the table, enjoying the same foods and not having to spend extra time in the kitchen. But you're not sure how to make your food safe for your baby. 


Perhaps you're thinking that you need to start weaning at 4 months but you're hearing confusing advice from friends, family and health professionals. 

You’re absolutely in the right place. 

What happy parents say after attending my weaning workshop

A baby holds a spoon of green first foods at a baby weaning workshop

As a child nutritionist, and mum, who has worked in baby nutrition for over 10 years, I can help you feed your baby. 

In my weaning workshop, I cover those signs baby is ready for weaning and actually how to choose and prepare those very first foods. 

Maybe you've heard of baby-led weaning but feel nervous about your baby choking on food, and you want to know how to offer food safely. I'm here for you.


Or perhaps you have your own issues with food and are keen to help your baby develop a healthy relationship with food from the start.  I will help you build a weaning plan that suits you and your family. 

A baby weaning class gives you that extra reassurance that what you're doing is the right thing. And you can trust that your questions are being answered by an infant nutritionist who knows what it's like to introduce solids to a baby

What's included? 


A 60 minute online weaning workshop, delivered via Zoom. 

Join from anywhere with your baby and partner. 


30 minutes following the workshop to focus on your specific questions


My weaning guide, planner, and introducing allergens tracker


Access to a private Facebook Group for ongoing nutritionist support with your weaning journey

Ready for the next steps?

1. Book your place on a weaning workshop

2. Request to join my facebook group

3. Follow me on Instagram and let me know you're coming

4. Get your camera ready to take those scrummy baby-covered-in-food photos!

5. Get in touch for extra support if you hit any challenges with feeding - it happens, and I can help you fix it.