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Children's Nutrition

Are you concerned about how much milk your toddler is drinking? Do you have a fussy eater? Or maybe you just want support for your child in creating a healthy relationship with food.


I have a wealth of experience in this area: I've delivered toddler nutrition and fussy eating workshops to parents and early years settings; worked as the brand nutritionist for Cow & Gate and Aptamil; and spoken at conferences and events about all aspects of children's nutrition. 

It can be helpful to have someone to listen to what's going on in your world and share impartial advice - very often only small changes need to be made to positively improve your situation. I can discuss an approach with you that fits the needs of you and your family.


Or, if you'd like to share ideas with friends, I can provide a workshop on any child nutrition topic for your group - ideal for following antenatal and baby classes.  

Get in touch to begin improving your child's relationship with food. 

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