First Tastes: Starting Weaning 

I’m here to help you feel confident and excited about introducing your baby to solid foods. 

If you’re wondering:

How do I know if my baby is ready for weaning?

Which foods should I offer first?


Is Baby Led Weaning the best approach?

Can I start weaning my baby at 4 months?


How do I offer food safely to avoid choking or gagging?

When do I move on from one food?

You’re absolutely in the right place. 

I love helping parents introduce food to their babies - it is such an exciting moment for both of you. 

As a children's nutritionist, and mum, I am perfectly placed to combine scientific know-how with real world practicality. I have been there, done that, read the research. 

Do you need to attend a workshop before starting weaning? No, of course not. There is a wealth of information on the internet and social media for free. If you are very lucky, there might be NHS weaning group near you. But the internet is huge, and there is a lot of misinformation and opinion for you to mine through, trying to find the answer to your question. Which is where a weaning workshop, run by an experienced nutritionist comes in. 

Ready to start weaning?


This online weaning workshop will help you to…

  • Identify the signs that your baby is developmentally ready for solid foods (clue: It might not be what you think)

  • Gain an understanding of suitable first foods and appropriate textures

  • Decide on the approach to weaning that is right for you, your baby and your family (note: It’s not the same for everyone!)

  • Feel confident in preparing and storing foods for your baby

  • Learn how to introduce allergens safely

  • Know when to move on from first tastes to full meals

What we'll cover

Copy of Copy of Yellow, White and Black
  • Signs baby is ready for weaning

  • First foods

  • Suitable Textures

  • Baby led weaning

  • Stages of weaning 

  • Must-have equipment 

  • Preparing & storing food safely 

  • Foods to avoid

  • Introducing allergens

  • Gagging & choking

  • Vitamins for babies

  • Milk

  • Moving onto meals

Ready to start weaning?

What's included?


A 60 minute online workshop, delivered via Zoom

q & a session

30 minutes following the workshop to focus on your specific questions


A summary of everything covered in the workshop, and a menu planner to help keep you on track during the first weeks of weaning

What happy mums say after attending my workshop

Ready to start weaning?

After something more private?


I can deliver a bespoke weaning workshop to you and a group of friends. Send me a message.

I provide 1:1 consultations on weaning, whatever stage you are at. You can find out more and book a consultation here