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I'm here to help you feel good about food 

As a registered nutritionist, I want mums and mums-to-be to feel confident and happy about the food choices they make for themselves and for their babies. From pregnancy through to toddler fussy eating, I can help you reconnect with food and build a healthy relationship with eating for you and your family. 

Let's make that happen. 

Image by Camylla Battani Healthy pregnancy diet black pregnant women holding baby bump with pregnancy diet plan from pregnancy nutritionist

Start Well - A Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Maybe you are feeling out of control with the changes that are happening to you when you usually have everything planned to perfection. Perhaps you are feeling torn between the foods you have read are important for your baby and the foods that your body is actually craving. Or you're feeling surprised by the impact that nausea and low energy are having at the start of your pregnancy. 

"I was very lucky to be introduced to Katie during my pregnancy...Thanks to her I was even inspired to cook more and to prepare nutritious meals at home" Lucy, first time mum

Whether you are at the start of your pregnancy or well into the second trimester, I can take you from feeling confused and overwhelmed about what to eat during pregnancy, to confident and happy with the foods you choose for your pregnancy diet. 

Mother and Baby Asleep Following a Breastfeeding Diet from a Postnatal Nutritionist

New Mum - Postnatal Nutrition & Recovery

Becoming a parent for the first time can be overwhelming and exhausting, leaving you with little time to focus on yourself. And yet you are recovering from one of the biggest changes your body can go through, where nutrition and the foods you choose can have a huge impact on how you feel. 

Breastfeeding your baby adds in a whole extra need for self-care and self-love as your body needs to fuel not only your own recovery but feed your growing (and ever-hungry) newborn. 

baby boy starting weaning in high chair with finger foods.jpg

First Tastes : Starting Weaning - An online workshop

Introducing food to your baby is a huge milestone in their first year. And everyone you know has something to share, advice to give and all the tips and tricks that worked for them. 

But your baby is unique. And your approach to weaning has to be right for you both. 

Whether it's baby-led weaning or spoon-fed purees, I know the weaning journey, and it's one of my absolute passions. I can help you go from not knowing what food to offer and being scared of finger foods, to eating meals together around the table, enjoying the same foods as your baby. 

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toddler refusing food with hand at table.jpg

Happy Eaters - Help with Weaning & Fussy Eating

Sometimes weaning starts well and your baby enjoys trying new foods, but before long you find they start to refuse foods, throw things, or maybe struggle with moving from purees to lumpy foods. When your child stops eating it is stressful, worrying, and causes huge amounts of anxiety - you just want what's best for your child and for them to enjoy the food in front of them. 


As a child nutritionist, this is where I come in. I can help you look forward to happy mealtimes together as a family. 

Fussy Eating
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