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Are you ready to introduce food but struggling to wrap your head around how to balance milk with all those meals? 

Do you want to get completely prepared before you start weaning?

Are you feeling the pressure to prepare everything from scratch after seeing all those pictures online?

Then this is the weaning workshop for you. 

First Tastes: Starting Weaning is a 2 hour online workshop designed to help you take the pressure out of introducing food to your baby, leaving you both free to enjoy eating together. 


  • When it's safe to start offering food

  • Baby-led weaning 

  • Spoon-feeding and purees

  • Offering food safely

  • Foods to avoid

  • Essential equipment

  • Introducing allergens

  • Dealing with gagging

  • Drinks

  • Balancing milk and food

  • Vitamin supplements

  • When to move on from first foods 

  • Creating balanced meals

  • Portion sizes



Katie Angotti

Hi, I'm Katie! An experienced baby nutritionist, food lover and mama of 1. I'm here to be your weaning guide.

I am passionate about creating a positive relationship with food for my son, and helping other parents do the same.


I created my First Tastes weaning workshop after seeing so many parents stressing over the little details of weaning, and missing out on the joy that comes with watching your baby explore foods for the first time. 


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  • How do I book a session with you?
    I offer a package of support to help you take control of your health and feel good about the foods you eat during pregnancy. To check this is right for you I invite you to reach out via email. This is more than just a quick hello. We can discuss what you are hoping to get from nutrition support, and how many sessions feel right for you. You'll go away feeling heard and listened to about your health - which often isn't the case when you become pregnant. If we decide it's the right thing to do, we'll get you booked into your first session.
  • Do you give meal plans?
    When you are pregnant and busy working a fixed meal plan can seem like a great option for saving you time and making sure you get all the nutrients you need for you and your baby. In my experience, every pregnant women will find that their appetite and taste for foods changes frequently throughout pregnancy, so I don't find meal plans to be helpful overall. Often they can be restrictive and leave you wondering what else to eat if what is on the menu doesn't appeal to you that day. I'll provide you with the tools and ideas to make the food choices that are right for you every day. And I'll be here to support you when you get stuck.
  • I'm not sure I can afford it right now
    Pregnancy is an important time to focus on your health and wellbeing and I know that there are many products out there competing for your attention. Investing in your health during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do - not only are you building up to a huge physical event, but you are also preparing your body for recovery. I offer options to suit different budgets - from a one off in-depth call, to multiple sessions throughout pregnancy. Prices start from £69.
  • I'm still working, do you have sessions in the evening or at the weekend?"
    I work alongside looking after my toddler, so I completely understand the need for flexibility. I don't typically work on a weekend, as I like to enjoy some time with my family. I do run an online clinic for some evenings in the week but they do get booked up fast. The best thing to do is to send me an email and see what's available.
  • How do I know what kind of nutritionist to see during pregnancy?
    Choosing to work with a nutritionist is a very personal experience. It is important that they are the right match for you and someone that you are comfortable sharing information with throughout your pregnancy. I would always recommend choosing someone who is registered with the apprpriate body, such as the Association for Nutrition, or the British Dietetic Association - this ensures that the person you are choosing to work with has been trained appropriately and is fit to practice. Your diet and the health of your growing baby are important, so you need to know that you are in good hands, and that person will be able to advise you appropriately or refer you on to someone suitable if needs be. I would be cautious of anyone making bold promises about what working with them can achieve, or who promotes something that feels 'off' to you. Make the most of email to find out more about the nutritionist, and to ask them questions about their qualifications and experience if necessary.
  • Will you recommend I take specific supplements?
    During pregnancy, it can be useful to take supplements if you are eating a very limited diet or struggling to eat enough variety. However, I believe in focusing on food first, so I won't recommend any that I don't think are genuinely useful to you in your specific pregnancy. I don't work directly with any companies so won't always recommend a particular supplement brand, but instead give you options depending on your budget and dietary constraints.


Between the internet, books and 'helpful' family, there's so much information out there that it can all feel a bit overwhelming. 

The workshop was a great overview of everything you need to know, and was a perfect blend of expert knowledge and mum wisdom. 

Really gave me the confidence to get started with weaning. 

I attended Katie’s virtual weaning class last night and it was brilliant! She’s so knowledgeable and has a very positive and supportive approach to weaning which I found quite refreshing having read so many “rules” we should be following elsewhere.


The class is really good value and we got loads of support materials afterward.


I’d highly recommend this class to anyone before they start weaning!

[Katie's] style is really engaging and fun and we thoroughly enjoyed the session. 

I know firsthand that weaning your baby can feel daunting. 

Once I stepped back from trying to do everything perfectly, I was able to concentrate on creating positive mealtimes for my baby to explore food safely. Seeing the joy and excitement as he tasted more and learnt to feed himself. 

I want you to look back on weaning your baby as a happy experience,and I'd love to join you in getting prepared. 

Let’s get started on this journey of helping your baby to enjoy food, shall we?

Get started now!

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