1:1 Baby Weaning Consultation

Have you started introducing solid foods and found it more challenging than you expected? 

Maybe your baby has taken well to purees but is refusing mashed foods or finger foods.


Or perhaps you've become stuck on only a small number of foods that your baby seems to like. 

Are you thinking about baby led weaning but don't feel confident with where to begin? 

Maybe you've heard other mums talking about how much their baby is eating, and yet yours still prefers milk. 


Perhaps you're questioning whether a plant-based diet would be suitable for your baby, and want to know if you should be giving supplements. 


Sometimes, reading all the information online and going to a weaning workshop isn't quite enough to give you the reassurance you need during weaning.

And it's understandable to have worries and concerns - introducing solid food and weaning your baby is a huge step. A leap into the unknown. If you've had issues with your own relationship with food in the past, then you might be determined to set your baby up with the right eating habits from the start. 

As a children's nutritionist, this is where I can help. 

How I can help

In a 1:1 consultation, I can spend MORE time focusing on the areas that YOU are finding difficult in more detail than is possible in an online weaning workshop. 

By having a video consultation, we can look at the eating environment that your baby is in, how your food is being prepared, and the equipment you are using.

We can look together at creating a plan that works for you and your family, that will really help you to improve the mealtime experience for you and your baby. 


We can do all of this at a time to suit you, without having to rush. 

What to expect

Prior to our baby weaning consultation, I will ask you to complete a short questionnaire, giving me some more details about the areas that you need support with. I might ask you to record what food is eaten and when for a few days, or even to record one of your mealtimes. 

After our video consultation, I will send you a summary of what was discussed, plus any resources that are relevant. 

If there is something that requires more specialist support, eg from a dietitian or speech and language therapist, I will always refer you on to the relevant qualified person. 


Katie has been amazing at supporting our weaning journey! During these hard times and starting a weaning journey was a terrifying thought. But Katie really put us at ease and was so helpful. She gave us the confidence and support we needed. I would 110% recommend her!! Thank you Katie

Booking your baby weaning 1:1 consultation

Consultations are typically 30 minutes long. I will check in with you after we speak and see how you have been able to implement the changes we talked about. 


If needed, we can have a follow-up consultation.


Most of the families I work with have 2-3 consultations, giving you time to make sure the changes work. I don't like to leave you unsupported whilst you make changes, so I will be in contact with you throughout. 


To get started, please get in touch by either emailing me at katie@katieangottinutrition.co.uk

or by completing the contact form here and we can start improving your mealtimes right away. 


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