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Toddlers fussy eating - a role for play at the dinner table?

Last year I joined Kiddylicious and their panel of experts to chat about feeding toddlers, and one of the points of conversation was around how we can help toddlers to feel comfortable at the dinner table, whether there is a role for play at all, and how we can help them to learn to eat well.

You can read more from my expert panel chat with the Kiddylicious team here - as well as myself, the panel is made up of Sophie Pickles, an early years child development specialist, and Dr Stephanie Ooi, a family GP and allergy mum. I loved having this chat with them - I learnt so much myself to put into practice with my own toddler.

The main themes that came out of our conversation were:

  1. Having realistic expectations

  2. Making time for connection and the social aspect of meals

  3. Creating a calm environment

  4. Adapting to your unique family situation

We also chatted about routine here and supporting your child's social development here - I'm continuing to work with Kiddylicious as their nutritionist this year, so look out for more to come.


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